At this time we offer 24 hour email support. To reduce cost and allocate the most amount of funds to our members’ we have chosen to utilize email communication. Please know your questions, comments and concerns are import to us! Please email us at any time, your will receive a response email back within 24 hours.

DXShare Life is 100% dependent on donations. Donations go to maintaining a free site for our members, administration fees, and growing member services. Without the contribution of donations DXShare Life would not be able to help patients through their recovery.

The Chat Now App allows our users to meet and connect with other members just like them! Medical crisis and diagnosis are hard to understand and over-come. Our team of medical professionals understands how scary new diagnosis and change can be. Our goal is to allow members to connect, ask questions, offer support and develop lifelong friendships. The Chat Now app can be used member to members, as a private chat, public chat with multiple members or group chat. This feature is totally free and is designed to help members offer support to each other.

Thank you for your interest; we are honored to be the center for philanthropic events! We offer a multitude of ways volunteers can be involved. From individual fundraisers, business engagements, group and community events, we have plans to get you up and going successfully. Please email us directly at volunteernow@dxsharelife.org.

If you donate to a personal campaign your funds will go directly to that person and their fundraising needs. If you are donating to DX Share Life nonprofit, your funds will go towards reaching our yearly goal to help offset medical expenses for our users, less operating costs. At the end of each quarter, we allocate money to our patients based on needs, medical cost and diagnosis. We strive to assist all of our patients to exceed their fundraising goals and to achieve successful outcomes. Our 2018 goal is $10 Million towards patient care.

Usually money earned during a fundraiser or campaign is considered personal gifts. However each state and taxable amounts may vary.  We recommend keeping all records of your campaign information, the total amount raised, and consulting with your tax adviser for additional information.

DXShare Life prides its self on being a patient focused website and advocacy center for members. All information is kept confidential and private. Information will never be sold, redistributed or shared in any way. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Yes! The fundraiser does not need to be for your cause, we understand that during medical crisis and diagnosis a friend or family member may act as the patient advocate. Create the account assigning who needs help and why. In this situation, we advise creating a second Pay Pal account specifically for these funds. At the end of the campaign, you can then transfer the funds to the appropriate person.

DXShare Life is created to serve multiple functions for our patients and members. Accounts can remain opened and utilized to communicate with friends and family and keep them up to date with changes and progress. We generally recommend fundraiser to be 4-6 weeks to create urgency and drive a goal. With that said, there is no reason members can’t run multiple fundraisers. Remember, DXShare Life is created for our patients. We understand medical diagnoses and crisis can take years to improve. We encourage our members to utilize our free services by sharing with friends and family, making new friends through our chat app when not actively fundraising.

Pay Pal charges a set transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction paid at the time of the transaction through the donation. DX Share life has no involvement with the transaction fee associated with Pay Pal and does not dictate the transaction fees. These are processing fees related to credit card processing. DX Share life does not charge any additional fees or platform fees.

DXShare Life utilizes Pay Pal for all transactions and funding. All transactions are made in real time and transferred to the members Pay Pal account.  Members can utilize their current Pay Pal accounts or establish a new account for their fundraiser.

There are absolutely no costs to use our services! We utilize Pay Pal for our processing system which automatically deducts transaction fees at the time of the transaction, paid by the donor. We pride ourselves in keeping our site a no fee, free site for medical patients and their families.

DXShare Life is a nonprofit created to serve patient and family members through financial assistance. Our site is specific to medically related conditions, diagnoses, and illnesses. Our team is comprised of medical professionals who understand the challenges related to medical diagnoses, expenses, and continuum of care. DXShare Life was created to help each patient have the ability to share their story, meet new friends, and fundraise for their cause. As a nonprofit DXShare Life wants to extend our services by giving back, directly caring for our members. Not only do we help to offset medical expenses through our nonprofit, separate from patient fundraising, we act as an advocate for patients by connecting patient with invaluable resources during their journey. It is our mission to go above and beyond in helping patients recover.

It’s simple! We offer a three step easy process to create and share your story with others. Here you can add pictures, upload timelines and fundraise for medical expenses, all free of charge! DX Share Life nonprofit strives to achieve our designated yearly goal that goes toward patient care and medical expenses. For 2018, we are working to achieve a goal of $10 million dollars that we as a nonprofit raise in addition to patient funds. These funds are allocated among our members to offset costs, seek higher levels of treatment, and lighten the financial burden. In addition to our general donations, we offer DXShareLife items through our online store with proceeds going towards our yearly goal.